Health condition- terms 

Before attending the ceremony, we request that you obtain and send us a ECG test, liver test and blood pressure test from your doctor, to make sure that all your heart, liver and blood pressure are in a healthy condition. You also have to refrain from all recreational drugs, alcohol and/or medication 2 weeks before and 4-8 weeks after the ceremony. We will also be conducting a Skype call with you and Celine, some weeks before the ceremony to go through the health results and to get a chance to know you a little bit more.


You are not required to follow any special diet in preparation for the ceremony; it is enough to eat pure and healthy.


                       Contra indications

The Contra Indications for Iboga are:

Medical conditions such as asthma, cancer, cerebellar in maintaining balance), chronic fainting, diabetes, emphysema, epilepsy, diseases of the intestinal,gynecological problems, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C (if active with liver enzyme)

Sleep apnea, severe asthma

Major respiratory conditions

Impaired liver

Kidney function

limited-function organs

Psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder

Illnesses of heart and blood vessels

Low/high blood pressure:

High/Low blood pressure:170/105 or higher or 90/60 or lower, while not taking blood pressure medication.

For risk "borderline QTc" in males is 431-450 ms, and in females

451-470 ms.

An "abnormal" QTc in males is above 450 ms, and in females, above 470

ms. These are 'no go'.


Chronicle diseases, HIV, Astma, and Cancer

Medication SUCH AS anti-depressants and depressor nerve, sleeping-pills 

Alcohol,Methadone, heroine, crack, meth, ketamine, GHB or cocaine.

It is EXTREMELY important to be honest about your health and use of drugs, alcohol, medication and other substances. We don’t work with Ibogaine. Neither do we sell Iboga or Ibogaine! We work strictly with the whole root bark (Tabernanthe Iboga) that has been sourced in a way that supports the sustainability of the Iboga tree and the Bwiti tradition.


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