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The Peyote

Healing and sensitization of human beings towards nature. Harmony in personal and family relationships from an inner healing, and in collaboration with nature. Inspiration and daily productivity.

De Lophophora Williamsii, also commonly known as Peyote is a teacher, healer and guide for a journey inside your consciousness. The oldest cacti known has been in existed for about 20,000 years, with the Hikuri cactus being the oldest.  According to the experienced Huichol people of Mexico, who have used the sacrament for spiritual, ceremonial and healing purposes for 4000 years, the Kauyumari (the deer spirit) is the guiding force behind the Peyote Cactus. It is often said that the deer represents the bridge between the grandmother (Teurixa – the ancestors), the guides/spirits and humanity.


                           Raúl Hernández Morales

Descends from the indigenous Otomi tribe on his father’s side, and from a mixed European/Indigenous Mestizo heritage on his mother’s side. 


In his youth, he was strongly influenced by oriental cultures through the practice of yoga and meditation in an Ashram, and soon after, an inner calling led him to discover the traditions of the Mexican indigenous people.  Inspired by the Mayan, Aztec and Wirrarika cultures, he began to combine the vision of two worlds -- the American Continent Indigenous and the European.


His instinct to realise both visions led him to learning and an initiation with the indigenous medicine in the Mexican desert, alongside his studies in sociology at University.


                       The Temazcal


The use of Temazcal (steam bath) varies according to different cultures – some use it as part of sacred ceremonies, while in other cultures it is used solely as a physical bath


At The Origin, we use the Temazcal according to the traditions of the native inhabitants of North America, the Lakota people. In addition to its’ solemn and simple use to sweat, the Temazcal serves the purpose of grounding, releasing and cleansing of psychic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages.


The Temazcal is usually built up in a four-step process known as “ports” or rounds, where more hot stones are added to increase the heat and intensity.  Each port is part of the process towards cleansing of your whole being.

Trip to the desert of Sinai 28 September- 5 October 2023

Let us take you on a journey of introspection and learning, supported by an ancient medicine from the heart of the desert: Hikuri*. This cactus teacher works deeply together with nature to restore the original harmony of one’s own inner nature. It teaches and guides us through deep energetic work, increasing our awareness of the world of life in its purest essence.

Walking through nature and taking in its immensity in the company of Hikuri subtly introduces us to the secrets of creation, to the natural order of all things living and dying. As we progress on our journey through the desert, we explore, we navigate and we reflect: a unique introspection with every step we take. This experience helps us to recover our connection with nature’s energy, which nourishes and replenishes our spirits and minds.

Throughout this entire journey you will be in the safe hands of your guide Raúl Morales, who has over thirty years of experience working with the Hikuri medicine. He has organized and guided similar medicine walks and journeys before, in other natural sanctuaries in the world.

This time, we invite you to come and sail on the sandy waves of the Sinai desert with us, diving deep into the winds, the silence and the mystery…

                 Family of the Deer 

For the entire duration of your time with us, our lovely international team, which consists of assistants and musicians, will support you. While it is our aim to support your journey, we are also very careful to not interfere in your process, as one element of this work is to connect with your own intuition and power within. Team includes members from the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico and France  



The contra indications for Hikuri are:

  • Psychosis

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Illnesses of heart and blood vessels

  • Pregnancy

  • Chronicle diseases

  • Medication like anti-depressants and depressor nerve

  • sleeping-pills 

  • Methadone

  • heroine

  • crack

  • meth

  • ketamine

  • ghb

  • cocaine

-  You are consciousness  -

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