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The Origin Ceremony's & Journey's 2023/2024


Dates/Costs Iboga Ceremony Netherlands 2023:

22-27 Nov   


18-23 dec

Dates/Costs Iboga Ceremony Netherlands 2024:

2-7 Jan 

This is an Iboga Group Session for a maximum of 10 people. The cost for the group ceremony 2023 are € 1250,- 

Iboga initiation GABON 2023/ 2024 

17 September - 1October 2023

21 January- 4 February 2024

19 February -5 March 2024

The Origin is ready for the call and will companion you

Iboga initiation Group is for maximum 4 People.

Cost € 4575 Included initiation, staying and food

Not Included: Flight, Visum

Vaccination: Yellow Fever, Malaria and hepatitis (People are not obliged )

ECG, Liver and blood-pressure test.


Yagé Ceremony 5 days 2024

Deep healing coming from Colambian Amazon (Three Night) Yagé Ceremony Grupo Palchukán)

Dates Yagé Ceremony 

This is Yagé Group Session for a maximum of 20 people

We will conduct the weekend in English.

Deer walk the Sinaï desert  28 September- 5 October 2023

The Origin & Raúl Hernández Morales & Livethebedouïne live

(Guidance Origin Team Maaike )


This is Deer walk group retreat for a maximum of 16 people

8 days desert retreat 

Cost € 1600


1-8 November 2023

This is Sinaï  Group Retreat  for a maximum of 16 people

8 days in the desert retreat 

Cost € 1250- 

Last day at he Camp

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