"Once a year the Origin organizes a Journey to the Sinaï desert” 

Traveling through the Sinaï desert in a group.


We will be travelling together through the desert like the Bedouin tribes have done for centuries before us – on what will be a mystical journey to bring you back to your essence.  

Absent of the noises we are accustomed to in our daily lives (traffic, cars, etc), we will marinade and shower in the silence and greatness of nature and its’ astonishing landscapes, with the aim of fostering within you authentic connection, clarity and trust.

Members of the Muzeina tribe will take the utmost good care of you, creating the space to surrender totally into the experience.  This care package includes three daily meals, which are prepared freshly and with love.  Each night, we will rest and sleep at the most beautiful outdoor locations, where there will be a fireplace and abundance of fresh tea.

For 6 days and 6 nights, we will travel by a combination of foot and camel to amazing and different spots and terrains, such as vast plains, rock formations and mountains, eventually going deep and deeper into the belly of the desert.

We will also visit the oasis and partake in a challenging walk into the mysterious White Canyon. 

At the end of the journey, we will have the opportunity to stay one night at the Life the Bedouin camp.  This camp is located at the beautiful coral reef of the Gulf of Agaba.  There, we will find a small but wholesome restaurant where we can indulge and enjoy some delicious traditional meals.  At the end of the night, we will sleep in simple but very lovely cabins with beautiful views of the sea.

The entire journey will be an intimate, relaxing and insightful journey, where you will have little to no contact with people outside of the group.  So we encourage you to feel free, be at ease and in full connection with the experience and whatever it brings up for you.

There will be special and experienced guides accompanying participants on each step of every journey in the desert, so you won’t be alone.  Joining us in 2021, there will be Celine Groenestein (The Origin), Geke Dijkstra ( and Debra Hempel, Founder of 

Cost € 1.225-  Not Included: flight 

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