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vr 19 feb


The Origin - Iboga and Hikuri ceremonies

The Origin Peyote

The Origin
The Origin Peyote
The Origin Peyote

Tijd en locatie

19 feb 2021, 19:00 – 21 feb 2021, 14:00

The Origin - Iboga and Hikuri ceremonies, Nederland

Over het evenement


Day 1:

Welcome, Sharing

First ceremony (will last the whole night)

Day 2:

Temazcal ( early morning) and in the evening second ceremony


Day 3:


Closing of the ceremony

Departure around 17:00


Hikuri, also commonly known as Peyote is a teacher, healer and guide for a journey inside your consciousness. The oldest cacti known has been in existed for about 20,000 years, with the Hikuri cactus being the oldest.  According to the experienced Huichol people of Mexico, who have used the sacrament for spiritual, ceremonial and healing purposes for 4000 years, the Kauyumari (the deer spirit) is the guiding force behind the Hikuri Cactus. It is often said that the deer represents the bridge between the grandmother (Teurixa – the ancestors), the guides/spirits and humanity.


Alongside the Hikuri (Peyote) ceremonies, we will immerse ourselves in a well-known pre-Spanish steam bath, known as Temazcal.

The use of Temazcal varies according to different cultures – some use it as part of sacred ceremonies, while in other cultures it is used solely as a physical bath; and for example, in some places, only women are allowed to take part.

During this weekend, we will use the Temazcal according to the traditions of the native inhabitants of North America, the Lakota people. In addition to sweating, we will be using the Temazcal to ground ourselves, and release and cleanse ourselves of psychic, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages.

The Temazcal is usually built up in a four-step process known as “ports” or rounds, where more hot stones are added to increase the heat and intensity.  Each port is part of the process towards cleansing of your whole being.

More details about this will be shared during the ceremonies.


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