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The Origin - Iboga and Hikuri ceremonies

The Origin Iboga Ceremony

The Origin
The Origin Iboga Ceremony
The Origin Iboga Ceremony

Tijd en locatie

07 apr 2022, 15:00 – 11 apr 2022, 13:00

The Origin - Iboga and Hikuri ceremonies, Nederland

Over het evenement


Our ceremonies are held on a beautiful and serene piece of land in the middle of nature in Netherlands over 5 days. And the group size varies between 6 and 10 participants.

The work can roughly be divided in three parts.

Day 1: Participants arrive at the venue around 15:00h. The ceremony starts on the first evening around 19:00h.  We begin with an introduction of the work and Iboga, group sharing, setting our intentions, Breat- work and preparation Flower bath. to welcome the spirit of the sacred Wood into our bodies.  This is then followed by a small intake of Iboga. We will work until around 24:00h.

Day 2: We start the day with some very nurturing and organic breakfast and spend the day resting.  You’ll also have the option to walk and enjoy the beautiful and serene nature surrounding the venue.  At around 19:00h, we will continue to go deeper with the work by taking heavier doses of the medicine and manifesting the ‘Dying’ part of the ceremony.  The night ends around 06:00h. ( During day continue the work in silence)

Day 3: Breakfast and dinner and plenty time to continue and process the previous night and day.  We will begin the third and final ceremony with the medicine at around 19:00h.  We will take small to medium dose, to ignite the Rebirth part of the ceremony.  This is a chance for you to slowly come down and begin the process of integration. The night ends around 06.00h.

Day 4: We will enjoy breakfast and lunch and get some more rest.  Later in the afternoon, the group will go for a walk in nature

to rejuvenate and help us come back to earth.  In the evening, we will have a final group sharing and sound journey to prepare us to go back into the world and our daily lives.

Day 5:

We will enjoy another healthy and nurturing brunch and say our final goodbyes. The group departs around 13:00-14:00.


  • The Origin

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