The Iboga supports you to reconnect your body, soul. emotional, mental, and spiritual (aspect of yourself). Helps you to break free yourself from negative thoughts, addictive behaviors, family trauma, patterns and habits (for example, substance use, eating disorders and other physical ailments)

​Journey of liberation — from your own limitations

Welcome yourself in the unique quality of your natural state of being 

Fulfilling your potential

The Origin ceremonies, are created with love and respect to support you on your journey of spiritual and personal (growth) development.


If you would like to participate in one of our ceremonies and work with this sacred medicine, please check our programs for dates or subscribe to our newsletter.  If this is your first time working with Iboga you would like to know more about the medicine, please read the safety guideline and feel free to do your own external research about Iboga.





Upcoming Ceremonies

About Celine

Celine (Reliba= Bwiti name) was adopted as a child which led her to a long search to (re)find herself. She has experienced different methods breath and bodywork. She made long lived wishes come true and her biggest calling she was initiated in the Bwiti (Iboga) tradition in Gabon (Ebando Temple).


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