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The Origin organize ceremonies in the Netherlands & Journeys and is your guide, together with different indigenous communities, i.e. Bwete(Gabon), De Huichol (Mexico) and Live the Bedouin Life (Muzeina Tribe Sinai).


Celine Reliba, founder of The Origin, carries out her mission to connect the ancient knowledge of indigenous tribes by taking us back to the origins and opening the doors to deep introspection.


This brings the opportunity to address the root cause, heal and profoundly transform the source of your blockages, hidden pain, survival mechanisms and belief systems that no longer serve you.


Our main goal is to be of service to the indigenous tribes and guide their teachings.


The Origin supports this process by serving as a safe anchor for all participants of our ceremonies.

If you would like to participate in one of our ceremonies or journeys and work with sacred medicine, please check our programs for dates or subscribe to our newsletter.  If this is your first time working with Iboga, Peyote you would like to know more about the medicine, please read the safety guideline for the and feel free to do your own external research about Iboga, Yagé and Peyote. 






About Celine

Celine (Kombó Reliba = Ocean) Daughter of mother India was adopted as a child which led her to years long journey to (re)find herself. Celine finally realised her long-lived wishes by answering her biggest calling to become initiated in the Bwiti tradition at the Ebando Temple in Gabon.


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